We offer repair service valves, recovering the main pieces (tops and seats) replacing all of the wear parts (discs, shock absorbers and springs).


Our service valve repair is performed according to the following procedure that ensures reconditioned valves are fully equivalent to the new quality and shelf life:

  • > Disassemble and clean valves.
  • > The seats and covers are subjected to a process of blasting.
  • > Internal components, membranes, plates and springs are removed.
  • > Machining process for seats and covers under the original specifications of tolerance, parallelism and flatness.
  • > Installation of valves, replacing all of its internal components with new parts according to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • > Tightness testing and operation are performed, are then packaged for shipment.

The process is performed in seven days, although in urgent cases the period may be reduced to two days. To achieve these times we always keep in stock internal parts, membranes, dampers, spacers, plates and springs.


Metallurgical Bergner also offers the service to maintain any type of piston compressors.